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7 Tips for Better Legal Writing 7 Tips for Better Legal Writing As a lawyer your reputation is heavily reliant on writing well. Smokeball’s next free legal webinar focuses on making your legal writing flawless. Smokeball Attorney Josh Taylor will share legal writing...

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Is Your Email Inbox Taking Over Your Life?

Olga V. Mack is a blockchain strategist, tech lawyer by design, (former) general counsel by choice, mother of two, wife of one, prolific writer, enthusiastic public speaker, and passionate, fearless advocate for women in corporate boards and leadership. Notes to My...

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17 Dead in Missouri Duck Boat Accident

'I don't have all the details, but to answer your question, no,' Jim Pattison Jr., president of Ripley Entertainment, told CBS This Morning. 'It shouldn't have been in the water if, if what happened, happened.' What happened is one of Pattison's amphibious duck boats...

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From The Career Files: Why Lawyers (And Others) Quit

When I quit practicing law in 2004 after 27 years of being an attorney, I felt like I had failed my parents, my family and myself. I couldn’t take it anymore; the practice of a general trial lawyer had ceased being the adventure of a white knight and had become the...

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The California Consumer Privacy Act Is Coming In 2020

The concept of “privacy” is being reframed as a basic right held by users and thereby creates a whole new layer of responsibilities and potential minefields for businesses. With the advent of new laws and regulations governing companies’ use of customer data,...

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In Defense Of Ryan Bounds

Ryan Bounds at his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing (photo by David Lat) To the list of Robert Bork, Miguel Estrada, and Merrick Garland, add the name of Ryan Bounds. The partisan poisoning of the judicial nomination process has claimed another victim — and the...

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A Small Firm With Huge Salaries

When it comes to associate pay, the bigger the firm the better the salaries doesn’t always hold true. Time and time again throughout this summer’s salary wars, we’ve seen boutique firms deliver salaries that have matched — and even exceeded — the new $190K Biglaw...

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