Landlord Liability for Tenant Injuries

Most landlords try to make their rental properties as attractive to new tenants as possible. After all, they want to be able to charge the highest rents and attract the best tenants possible. Obviously, this includes making the property as safe as possible. But...

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Want to Practice Law Like an Ironman? Know Your Metrics

Steve Adams, criminal defense/DUI attorney and author of Practice Law Like an Ironman: Unbeatable Checklists for any Lawyer Creating a Solo and Small Practice, recalls when he started his practice almost two decades ago. In just one year, he made the leap from earning...

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Partners: Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

Engage influential partners now in the thoughtful consideration of current market change and likely future outcomes. Those partners need to care about the future of the firm—or, at the very least, get out of the way. —From the 10th annual Altman Weil Law Firms In...

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The Lawyer At The Center Of The First Memorial Day Ceremony

Who was the principal speaker, and gave a notoriously long address, at the first Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in 1868? Hint: The Civil War veteran was also a lawyer who argued for the petitioners in front of the Supreme Court in Ex parte...

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The Good And Bad Of Working For A Startup

Olga V. Mack is a startup enthusiast, tech lawyer by design, general counsel by choice, mother of two, wife of one, prolific writer, enthusiastic public speaker, and passionate, fearless advocate for women in corporate boards and leadership. Notes to My (Legal) Self...

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Ready, Set, GDPR

The clock has struck zero. GDPR is enforceable today. As our inboxes implode with emails containing updated privacy policies and consent notices, it’s worth taking stock of a few practical actions – including an initial deep breath – we can take to ensure our client...

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Don’t Judge Your Adversary By His Cover

And don’t get angry when your adversary makes judgments about you based on yours. Let your abilities, experience, and hard work leave their mark, and set everything else aside. As litigators, we are accustomed to using the information presented to us to form our...

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