Review: Cult of the Machine at the de Young

Let’s flash back to the Machine Age, the period in American history that gave us the assembly line, the first nonstop transcontinental flight, regular radio broadcasts, and the first robot capable of performing more than 20 movements. These technological advancements...

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Vermont passes first first law to crack down on data brokers

While Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are hogging the spotlight, data brokers that collect your information from hundreds of sources and sell it wholesale are laughing all the way to the bank. But they’re not laughing in Vermont, where a first-of-its-kind law hems in...

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The well-funded startups driven to own the autonomous vehicle stack

At some point in the future, while riding along in a car, a kid may ask their parent about a distant time in the past when people used steering wheels and pedals to control an automobile. Of course, the full realization of the “auto” part of the word — in the form of...

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Jeff Bezos details his moon colony ambitions

Jeff Bezos has big plans for the moon, if he can just get there. With a little elbow grease our trusty satellite could become a platform from which to build out the space industry — and while a partnership with NASA, the ESA and others would be best, Blue Origin will...

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RuneScape Classic: Game to shut down after 17 years

Image copyrightJagex Image captionA screen grab from RuneScape Classic After 17 years, RuneScape Classic, the original version of the online game, will shut down. The creators have shared the news three months in advance so that players have time to say goodbye. The...

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How to make animated GIFs from your photos on the iPhone – CNBC

admin 8 hours ago iPhone 5 Views Related Articles CNBC How to make animated GIFs from your photos on the iPhoneCNBCAnimated GIFs have gained popularity recently. So much so that Google recently acquired GIF platform Tenor, which creates easy-to-share GIFs. But it’s...

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Call of Duty Kansas ‘swatting’ death: Two more charged

Image copyrightReuters Image captionMr Barriss was extradited from his LA home to Kansas to face charges, including manslaughter Two more gamers accused of being part of a “swatting” hoax that led to a fatal shooting have been charged. A man renting a house owned by...

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